Lucky Block Staircase Map


 Lucky Block Staircase Map

Screenshots... coming soon!

Description & Rules

Play the famous Lucky Block Staircase Game in Minecraft! Try to reach the top of the staircase by destoying all Lucky Blocks. Feel free to play this map with your friends! You want to use this map on YouTube? Just Link the planetminecraft post or this page in your video description. And most important: Have fun


1. Download Map
2. Open .zip File and copy "LeKoopa Lucky Staircase" into /.minecraft/saves
3. Install Luck Blocks Mod (choose your favorite color!)

Download (no adf.ly)

Download Lucky Block: Click here
Download Lucky Staircase Map:
2 Players: coming soon!
3 Players: coming soon!
4 Players: coming soon!
5 Players: coming soon!

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